Enjoy a Duvel in an interactive historic setting

Historium Bruges and brewery Duvel Moortgat are opening Duvelorium Grand Beer Café on the Grote Markt in Bruges. Like Historium, Duvelorium offers a unique experience. Upstairs, visitors will have the chance to sample a selection of the best Belgian beers in a highly original setting with a spectacular patio overlooking the Grote Markt of Bruges.

Exceptional experience 

On 25 November, Historium will open its doors on the Grote Markt in Bruges. This considerable new asset in the array of Bruges tourist attractions is not only good news for the 4 million tourists who visit the city each year, but local Belgians are bound to learn something there as well. Historium is no ordinary museum, but a unique experience in which visitors are taken on a fascinating journey into the thriving city of Bruges in the year 1435.

The experience can be enjoyed with all five senses and in this case, a highly original approach has been given to ‘taste’. This stunning historic building will in fact house a unique Grand Beer Café called Duvelorium, where a selection of Belgium's best beers will be served in a space with a commanding view of the Grote Markt of Bruges. Duvelorium is the result of a unique collaboration between Historium and brewery Duvel Moortgat.

Michel Moortgat, CEO of Duvel Moortgat explains: “Bruges has an incredibly rich history and its story can be told here in an original way. The many visitors will be able to discover Belgian tradition and craftsmanship and this is also the perfect opportunity to let them enjoy another source of Belgian pride, our specialty beers."

Belgian beers

All five senses will be engaged through film, decor and special effects, and a range of specialty Belgian beers are available for your tasting and enjoyment at Duvelorium. The beers served will include Duvel, Vedett, and the beers from breweries Achouffe, Liefmans and De Koninck. The balcony offers a breathtaking view of the Grote Markt of Bruges. In the shop, visitors will be able to buy the beers and various special packages. A Historium Duvel glass was designed for Historium, which is only available for purchase at the museum. It’s a great souvenir and a must-have for any Duvel lover.

Brickwork, copper and stained-glass

Antwerp-based design firm Puresang was commissioned to create the interior of Duvelorium. With the keywords of tradition and craftsmanship in mind, they were able to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary elements. Will Erens of Puresang explains: “Duvel is a very tasty, traditionally crafted beer but it is also an intense beer. I have reflected the feeling I associate with Duvel in the interior by using traditional materials in a highly innovative way. I was looking for the cosy charm of an old café but with an innovative touch. In this way, the brick wall refers to the old brewery wall and I have used loam, one of the oldest building materials in history, which creates a sense of warmth and calm, without coming across as old-fashioned.”

Duvelorium is open to the public daily. It's the perfect spot to start or finish a day of culture, shopping or a tour of Historium. It's a place for discovery, relaxation and simply enjoying the spectacular setting and view.

Duvelorium is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM and Thursdays from 10 AM to 9 PM.