Duvel Barrel Aged

SSST… Duvel is now maturing in old bourbon barrels.

Our brewers have been conducting an exciting taste experiment: maturing Duvel in old, wooden barrels. Of course it is not just nostalgia which makes our brewers tick, but also the will and the passion to use this old technique to uncover new flavors and aspects of Duvel. Our brewers have selected oak bourbon barrels and are now taking their time - a lot of time - to let the barrels' flavors and aromas and the beer influence and enrich each other.

#01 - Beer with extra character

As the beer will mature for a longer period, this “barrel-aged” Duvel will be darker in color than the traditional Duvel, with a higher alcohol percentage and less bitterness.

The barrels that were selected have had a long life and can boast a real evolution in terms of taste. The oak bourbon barrels originate from two distinguished American bourbon distilleries: the Four Roses Distillery in Kentucky (nominated 'distiller of the year' in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) and the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky ('most award winning distillery in the world').  In the distilleries' maturing basements each barrel has matured bourbon for five to seven years.

#02 - Beer one should make time for

Fresh Duvel has been maturing quietly in the bourbon barrels since the beginning of November. Presumably – let's not forget that taste cannot be rushed – the beer will have evolved perfectly by June 2017. By that time, the Duvel will have matured in the barrels for over six to seven month.

The exciting evolution in taste is the result of two major factors: the oak barrels that were charred on the inside produce smoky vanilla flavors. In addition to this, the wood has been impregnated with the original bourbon (6 to 7 liters per wooden barrel) resulting in a sensational flavor with hints of caramel.