Duvel Tripel Hop

Duvel is traditionally brewed with two hop varieties.

Duvel Tripel Hop is brewed with three hop varieties and each year the third hop is changed to provide its own unique taste and aroma. This keeps the final flavor profile surprisingly exciting for any true beer lover. For 2016 our brewers selected HBC 291 from the Yakima Valley in the USA.


By using three instead of two hop varieties to brew, we obtain additional hop aromas and an increased bitterness. The typical Duvel palate is enriched with HBC 291 hops providing fresh notes of citrus, black pepper, lavender and roses.

HBC 291 hops are added again during ‘dry-hopping’, extracting additional hop aromas into the beer. The higher aromatic intensity rounds out the beer, backing the final alcohol content of 9.5%.

The Brew Master on Tripel Hop

We note that the trend towards more hoppy beers - thanks to our first brews in 2007 and 2010 - is to continue. This Duvel Tripel Hop will please special beer lovers, while we will continue to ensure that the intrinsic characteristics of Duvel preserved.

It remains fascinating how only with the pure base ingredients you can provide a very broad and varying complexity to special beers. Each hop variety has its own intrinsic characteristics, which are so critical for the taste and aroma of the beer. As the grape determines the unique character of a wine, the hop varieties used that much for this beer.

We therefore wish that the character of HBC 291 hop over subtly noticeable. We achieve this by adding hops again after the main fermentation, which we call dry-hopping. This keeps the pronounced fruity character pervasive presence in the final beer.

It is without a doubt fascinating and challenging to select a new hop variety each year, while also being both harmonious and a well differentiated contribution to the Duvel profile.

-Hedwig Neven

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Duvel Tripel Hop Geschiedenis

  • 3rd hop: Amarillo
  • Packaging: 75cl
  • 3rd hop: Amarillo
  • Packaging: 75cl
  • 3rd hop: Citra
  • Packaging: 33cl + 75cl
  • 3rd hop: Sorachi Ace
  • Packaging: 33cl
  • 3rd hop: Mosaic
  • Packaging: 33cl
  • 3rd hop: Equinox
  • Packaging: 33cl