Stefan Glerum


Stefan Glerum’s skilful documentation of life’s trials and tribulations gives a brilliant portrayal of the psychological vulnerabilities we all share. A melting pot of illustration heritage, his style infuses everything from Art Deco to Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism, Psychedelia and more recent popular cartoonists such as Chris Ware, Joost Swarte, Kramers Ergot and the Far Side’s Gary Larson.

Born, raised in and now returned to Amsterdam, Stefan’s first break came with a commission to design a flyer for Amsterdam music collaborators Rednose Distrikt. He has since gone on to create works for high profile Dutch clients as diverse as Het Parool (newspaper), VPRO (broadcaster), Blend (magazine), Paradiso (contemporary music venue) and the Concertgebouw (classical music venue).

Much of Stefan’s work is based on passions from his childhood such as racing cars, aircrafts and knights. His design for Duvel places these elements within an adult world, creating a stylish duel between geometric shapes and typography.