Nina Vandeweghe



Nina Vandeweghe creates fascinating visual worlds populated by a mishmash of bizarre funny and sometimes downright grotesque figures, in the midst of seemingly carelessly abandoned paper shreds, splashes of paint and bold lines.

The colorful characters have long limbs and giant hands with which they make their way through everyday life, gesticulating and grimacing. Her powerful visual language looks chaotic but it is far from being so: every composition is spot on and when you look further, you quickly discover the subtle layering in each scene.

Her mixed media works are accurate observations of mankind with all his faults, sorrows, ambitions and emotions complemented by Nina’s personal experiences and feelings, always peppered with a good deal of humour and putting things into perspective: life is one great, intense voyage of discovery and a rollercoaster of emotions. Life is fun!

Nina is a purebred native of Ghent and teaches illustration at the KASK. Nowadays she lives in the Marolles area of Brussels, where she also has her studio. She feels at home in both cities and finds plenty of inspiration in everyday life there.

She has been commissioned to work for theatre companies, magazines, etc. and recently made a series of Graphic Novels. She teaches illustration at the KASK in Ghent.

Her work has been picked up by several national and international gallerists.