Duvel Barrel Aged 2019

Duvel Barrel Aged is a limited edition premium drink that brings the best of beer and bourbon together. The Barrel Aged experiment started in 2017 and was highly successful from the very beginning. Not only Belgian people loved it, Barrel Aged also made a name for itself internationally. We are proud to say that we won the Gold medal on the World Beer awards 2017 for ‘Best Flavoured Beer Wood Aged’!

Duvel Barrel Aged combines the exciting bite of Duvel with the smoother hint of caramel from American Bourbon. Powerful hints of bourbon, vanilla and caramel create a fine aroma that matches perfectly with the sophisticated roughness that all Duvel lovers have learned to appreciate over the years. Due to the long 9 months maturation process, the colour of the barrel-aged Duvel becomes darker, alcohol percentage increases to 11.5% ABV & bitterness decreases in comparison to the Duvel classic we all know. The fascinating evolution in taste is the result of two distinct factors. The oak barrel that has been charred from the inside, adds a clear vanilla flavour. Next to that the wood is still soaked with the original bourbon (6 to 7 liters per barrel) and that produces a sensational taste evolution full of caramel notes.

The barrel aged Duvel is a unique beer that fits perfectly during or after a meal. It definitely is not an easy beer, but rather a beer full of character that should be treasured for a special moment.