DUVEL DISTILLED 2019 : aged on barrels for ten years.

Since 2006, the Duvel Moortgat brewers have been working with great passion and craftsmanship on a product that combines the best of the Belgian brewing and distillation worlds: Duvel Distilled. Part of the basic brew for regular Duvel beer was set aside, distilled and then aged for ten years in oak bourbon and sherry barrels. The result is an exclusive Duvel based spirit with golden colour tones and floral aromas. Aged for 10 years, Duvel Distilled will be available on the market in a limited edition 13.000 bottles as of end of October at specialised liquor distributors. Duvel Distilled is a pure, transparent spirit with straw yellow and golden hues and combined with an aroma of vanilla, raisins and toffee. The alcohol percentage is 40°. Allowing the spirit to mature in oak bourbon and sherry barrels, this liquor contains a subtle vanilla touch. The finish is characterised by a warming mouthfeel. Duvel Distilled, 10 years old, is delicious in combination with grilled fish and meat, sauces made with Vin Jaune or Sherry, vegetables such as artichokes and Brussels sprouts, fruit such as mangoes, peaches and bananas. Also dark chocolate, crème brûlée, apple pie, or aged, hard cheeses such as Parmesan or mature Groendael are a great combination with Duvel Distilled . Best served in a tumbler glass with ice cubes or simply neat in a small tulip glass.