Duvel & Chouffe unveil a prestige display in OFF-Trade!

Duvel and Chouffe have rolled out a prestigious display for OFF-Trade stores, with high visibility and purchasing power. The display will bring some pizzazz to the aisles, and develop turnover in the stores! There will be excellent visibility for the Duvel and Chouffe brands, and the main objective is to enhance the two brand identities, each with their own unique features.

This high-quality shop furniture will also add premium cachet to the specialty beers and inform consumers in France.

On the Duvel side, a modern and contemporary metal structure has been selected, to highlight the premium aspect of the brand. Enhanced by an LCD screen showing inspiring and lively videos, this display will create more of an emotional response to Duvel.

For Chouffe, wood and yellow metal were chosen as the essential elements to highlight the brand's authenticity and colorful appearance. Not forgetting the area set aside for the dwarf made of resin, an essential and emblematic element for French consumers!

These 2 brand showcases will be updated throughout the year, and will make it possible to communicate new releases, as well as our 360° highlights during the year (St Pat'Chouffe, Belgian National Day, Street Artist, Hot-air balloon, etc.).