Red devils display team loves Duvel!

Duvel lovers are found all over the country and far beyond. Duvel lovers (M/W) are often remarkable characters with real personality and some even have a rather unusual profession. You can certainly say that about the “Red Devils Display Team”, based at the Beauvechain Air Base. Since 2011, this section of the Belgian Air Force has included 4 pilots, 1 reserve pilot, 2 Public Relations officers and 7 technicians. And they all love Duvel like it was their own daughter or son. Duvel is simply one of the gang! Any new pilot or technician joining the team must treat the team to a crate of Duvel and follow the tradition of putting their original Red Devils badge in a full glass of Duvel and drinking the Duvel ad fundum... The badge may not be washed but is immediately attached to the flying suit. Consider it a rite of passage. The idea of enjoying a Duvel together with the team after a flight grew quite spontaneously.

“Our pilots are instructors on Marchetti SF260, our PR colleagues manage the communication between visitors and the Air Force. Technicians take care of the planes and resolve breakdowns, but also do a military drill during the launch. The aim is to show off the skills of the Air Force, but most of all to recruit new pilots and plane mechanics.

We always take crates of Duvel along with us to Airshows, at home and abroad. After all, we enjoy life and we're proud of it! We always spontaneously hand expats or other foreign demo teams a Duvel.