Collab Bar 35 x Brouwerij ‘t IJ

At Brouwerij ’t IJ, we think there's no harm in putting your best hospitality customers in the spotlight every so often. That's why we're working together to brew a special beer just for them. The first people to kick off this great story are our good friends at “Bar 35” in Den Bosch. They've got just about all the 't IJ beers on their menu and have been big fans for years! We developed the new beer in close consultation with Bar 35 and Fred de Bruijne, one of our brewers. Blond 35 is a golden beer at 6.5% ABV, brewed with lighter types of malt, such as Pilsner malt. You'll enjoy trying the smooth taste and the especially fruity notes created by our use of the aromatic Hallertau Blanc hop variety. The light malts don't have such a distinctive flavor, giving hops and yeast the dominant impression in this mild blond. What's very recognizable here is our own house yeast!

Bar 35 will receive a number of bar posters, beer mats, tap logos and visuals. In the meantime, we're really busy with more collaborations with catering establishments from other cities. Frits from Amsterdam and “De Uurwerker” in Groningen are both on the list, for example