Duvel Distilled 2020

13,923 bottles of Duvel Distilled ready for the fall season

Duvel Distilled 2020

Patience is a virtue and, in this case, a delicious one, because from late October, you can taste the new Duvel Distilled 2020 – 10 years aged.

For Duvel Distilled, part of the basic Duvel brew was distilled according to the authentic technique and then aged in oak bourbon and sherry barrels for ten years. The result is a unique Duvel-based spirit with golden hues and floral aromas. The 10-year-old Duvel Distilled will be available in a limited edition on the Belgian market, in a lot of only 13,923 bottles.

Duvel Distilled 2020 – 10 years aged (40% ALC) comes in a numbered 500ml bottle and is the ultimate treat for any Duvel lover. It’s also perfect for serving at a special moment or after a delicious meal.

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