Our beers are kosher!

Kashrut - which means 'fit' in Hebrew - is the set of Jewish dietary laws which determines whether Jewish people may eat certain food. Any food that complies with these dietary laws is considered clean or fit for consumption. In English this food is traditionally called "Kosher". Complying with the Kashrut laws is an important aspect of Jewish identity.

Every year, all Duvel Moortgat beers are checked by an auditor Rabbi, at the request of the Rabbinate in London. The Kosher certificate is only valid for one year. The auditor Rabbi checks whether all the raw materials and ingredients that we use are Kosher. We request these Kosher certificates from all of our suppliers every year. The auditor Rabbi also checks whether our production process is Kosher. This means, among others, that we must prove that we do not use animal products or other non-Kosher excipients/filtering aids, and so on.

The certificate is valid for all of our beers (except Chateau d’Ychouffe, which is not Kosher because we use grape must to brew it) in all countries. All the cisterns we rent must also undergo a Kosher CIP (cleaning-in-place). As you can see, this is a rigorous check!